Department of Pharmacology & Chemical Biology at the University of Pittsburgh
Structural Pharmacology

Primary faculty who study Structural Pharmacology (Click to see their detailed research profile)

Palaniappa Arjunan
Dinara Bulgari
Eugenia Cifuentes-Pagano
William Furey
Edwin Levitan - Neurotransmission, channels and signaling.
Patrick Pagano - Development of peptic, viral and small molecular inhibitors of NADPH oxidases and reactive species to assess NOX involvement in cardiovascular disease as well as to devise new therapies
Francisco Schopfer
Sruti Shiva - The mechanisms by which reactive nitrogen species regulate mitochondrial function and signaling, particularly in conditions of hypoxia or ischemia.
Jean-Pierre Vilardaga - Understanding molecular mechanisms of G protein-coupled receptor(GPCR) signalling and trafficking.
Qiming Jane Wang - Targeting protein kinase D by small molecular inhibitors for cancer therapy; signaling mechanisms of protein kinase D in cancer.
Cheng Zhang

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